We have been serving your favorite country
foods for over thirty years in Douglas, Michigan.
Whether it is with our relaxing country style restaurant,
or our upscale Meat Market and Deli;
everyone enjoys the variety of the Kalico Kitchen.
Dine in, get Take Out or Cater with us today!



The Kalico Kitchen is the dream turned reality for Catherine Wilt (Big Mama). Since August 9th, 1977 it has been transformed from the small diner it once was into the successful Corporation it is today. Many changes were made since 1977; the old gas station was turned into an Ice Cream Parlor then eventually torn down for additional parking. This was just the beginning of Big Mama’s plans. An outdoor deck was added and eventually the service area, kitchen and offices were expanded to incorporate a Meat Market, Deli and Bakery.
“We take great pride in serving the best down home country food. The best advertising is by word of mouth; many of you have helped us get to where we are today, Thank you”.
Big Mama.

“There are
no strangers here…
only friends we haven’t met yet”.